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I have been taking piano lessons from Emma for only a month. Her method allows me to
play actual songs with simple accompaniments. This is much more enjoyable than Thank
you, Emma!
Mareta Cleaver, Cranford NJ (age 35)

I have found that with Emma's method my "left" hand has improved rapidly - I could not
play so easily with both hands before, and I had taken lessons prior to starting with Emma.
I also find that it is easier for me now to learn new pieces; I don't straggle as much with the
left hand and I believe it has to do with Emma's method of teaching.
Teddi Pappas, Springfield NJ

I think that this way of teaching the piano is very unique and helpful.
It helps keep time and stretches your fingers out. It also helps keep the pace because if
you miss a beat the whole song messes up. It is very unique and a new way to teach piano.
Cecilia Watson, Mountainside NJ (age 15)

I never knew anything about piano until I. met the greatest teacher in the world - Emma
Mamayeva. She has a way of teaching the piano. Her unique way makes it easier for me to
play. Now I can play so many songs with her accompaniment.
Sabine Francois, Roselle NJ (age 34)

When I first received some of my favorite pieces with this accompaniment, I thought that it
sounded wonderful with the melody. It was not difficult to play, and it got me ready for other
accompaniments in the future. Overall, I had fun with this method, because it sounded just
like the real songs and was easy to learn.
Nicole Taeschler, Mountainside NJ (age 15)

The accompaniment makes playing music much easier. It sounds good and doesn't take
much effort to play correctly. It's a lot more fun and sounds just like the real song. This
method will make playing different and more difficult songs easier to play.
Brittany Hamill, Mountainside NJ (age 14)

The accompaniment on the songs makes it very easy to play. It gives it a steady beat and
it sound nice. I like the accompaniments, and would enjoy if I keep playing them.
Desai, Mountainside NJ (age 14)

Emma's unique way ofteaching accompaniments on the piano makes it easy for adults like
myself who did not start playing the piano until I was 40. Her method enables me to learn a
song quickly and make it enjoyable. Emma is a fantastic teacher who has mastered a
unique method in teaching newcomers like myself the beauty of piano music.
Jim Fenton, Woodbridge NJ (age 48)

I got my piano when I was about 36 years old and struggled with the usual beginner's
books which quickly became frustrating because progress was slow - then I found Emma
and within a very short time was able to play many of the songs I love using her method.
Learning Emma's method has given me the confidence to play so many pieces that would
have been beyond my grasp. Thank you, Emma!
Dee O'Reilly, Cranford NJ (age 44)
Springfield, New Jersey
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