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Scherzo Press - Piano Made Easy!
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Play Along with Emma
By Emma Mamayeva
Who can resist the temptation to play a favorite melody on piano or keyboard? But while
you are playing the melody with your right hand, what should your left hand be doing?
Play Along with Emma is designed for beginning and intermediate piano students who want
to  learn to play popular music quickly and easily.   These books provide a step-by-step
approach to learning easy-to-master left hand accompaniments to popular tunes.  Used in
conjunction with "fake books," this method will enable you to enjoy playing any type of
popular music from Christmas carols to Broadway tunes to Top 40 and beyond. Once
you've followed the simple steps outlined in this book, all you'll need is a fake book with
your favorite tunes and you’ll be able to play them with ease.
The classic story of The Nutcracker has been beautifully retold and illustrated in a special
edition for students of piano or for use in the classroom or by private instructors.  Inserted
in the story are simplified arrangements of excerpts from Tchaikovsky's ballet score ideal
for intermediate students of piano, music educators or private piano teachers. Children
become easily engrossed in this engaging and suspenseful classic tale, illustrated by
Ukrainian-born painter, Ivan Bratko.
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Like the edition of The Nutcracker described above,
Ruslan and Ludmila is designed for use by
intermediate students of piano and is ideal for the
music classroom and for private piano teachers.  
Based on the classic Russian fairy tale by the poet
Alexander Pushkin, Glinka's opera Ruslan and hold
the interest of the young student of music. Hearing
this tale of magic, bravery and romance young
students cannot wait to hear the outcome.  Illustrated
by Ukrainian-born painter, Ivan Bratko, it includes all
the major themes of the opera designed to be
performed by the teacher or learned by students who
have intermediate or above mastery of the keyboard.

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Published in the United States and Russia, Play Along with Emma is authored by
performer and teacher, Emma Mamayeva.
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Play Along with Emma.

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